Stylish and warm women's raincoats cheap - 2019-2020 model catalog

Women's raincoat is a versatile outerwear that protects from the weather and is a great complement to a spring or autumn look. This season is especially popular Cape, capes, trenchant juicy, bright colors. Also in trend is the color model metallic.

For everyday wear, business meetings and formal events, the classic black, beige, white trench coats remain relevant. The most popular styles of demi-season raincoats:

asymmetry with many additional parts;

voluminous tent cloaks;

fitted models, pull the silhouette;

sports goods with an elastic band;

raincoats with wide sleeves.

Due to the large selection of fashionable raincoats, every woman can find her own version of high quality materials, which will accentuate the figure, keep the overall style of the image and will be practical to wear.

Catalog of women's raincoats in the Maine Coon store

Women's cloaks in the online store Maine Coon are presented in large numbers. The catalog contains elegant models for festive events, sportswear for walks or practical and stylish options for everyday use with the following materials:

Suede is a soft to the touch skin that is made using oily tanning. Sturdy material does not become rigid even after moisture gets in. Suede raincoats require special care, so if contamination occurs, it is best to give them a dry cleaner;

Cashmere is an air fabric made up of thin yarn. Outerwear of such material warms well in the cold autumn or spring, in strength and softness is not inferior to wool;

Leather is a durable, practical material. In our online store you can choose a classic leather raincoat or a model of perforated leather;

Raincoat - a waterproof fabric, which may include cotton, lavsan, polyester. Cloak fabric is smooth, lightweight, dries quickly, does not deform after washing;

Nubuck looks like suede on the outside, but is different in manufacturing. Nubuck is obtained after chrome tanning, then the pile surface is sanded for greater smoothness. Of the advantages of the material is waterproof, hygroscopic, lightweight and affordable.

Also in our salon you can order cloaks made of combined materials: leather and suede, cashmere and leather, raincoat and leather.

Tips for choosing a raincoat

Before you buy a women's raincoat, you need to decide on the size. Measure line of waist, hips and chest. Each product in the Maine Coon Store has a size grid that allows you to find out the appropriate size (S, M, L, XL, etc.) of the cloak. The product information shows the overall length and length of the sleeve so you can accurately find the perfect outerwear option.

Choosing a stylish raincoat should take into account the nuances of the figure. Long models will look good on tall women, owners of height below 160 cm better look at short products above the knee. The belt emphasizes the waist, and the buttons in two rows visually lengthen the silhouette.

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