Stylish and warm women's coats cheap - 2019-2020 model catalog

Women's coats occupy a separate niche in the world of outerwear and are an integral element of every girl's wardrobe. This is a versatile piece of clothing as the coat can be paired with trousers, dress, skirt, low and high heel shoes. They are able to make the look more feminine, elegant and stylish.

In the new spring and autumn, as well as the winter season, a comfortable coat-case, coat-jacket, coat with smell and belt are an undoubted trend. Current models with non-standard sleeves and the presence of fur inserts. As for the length, it is now fashionable to wear a coat of copper or long.

Catalog of women's coats in the Maine Coon store

Every woman wants to look attractive and feel comfortable in winter coat, in spring and autumn. But it is impossible to buy one copy of outerwear that would fit all seasons. That is why the women's coat in the online store Maine Coon is presented in different variations of materials:

Cashmere. Models of this fabric are in high demand because they are the standard of feminine-accented outerwear and are relatively inexpensive. As a rule, cashmere coats are fitted, fastened to large buttons and are complete with belts. This style will suit a woman of any age. As a rule, warm cashmere coats have a synthetic foam or fur lining.

Wool. After cashmere, the most popular models are woolen. They are warmer, so they are suitable for winter. There are also lightweight demi-season variants with a variety of lineups. The wool coat of free cut looks especially good, it hides any nuances of the figure.

Alpaca. Alpaca wool models look beautiful, elegant and feminine. They are very warm and can be made in different colors without additional coloring. Also the products are characterized by durability and durability. In this case, the wool of the alpaca is extremely light and pleasant to the touch.

Skin. A leather coat with fur elements looks noble and expensive. Such outerwear is relevant in any season and looks good on different figures. The Maine Coon online store features autumn models as well as warmed winter ones with unbuttoned fur and hood.

Chernoburka. Black fur is well combined with cashmere and wool, so it is often used in combination with other fabrics. It makes it warmer and gives it status. If you unbutton the fur of a blackbird, the coat can be worn in the off-season.

In the Maine Coon catalog you will also find women's coats of such popular materials as textiles, llama wool, acrylic, angora, felt fabric, sheepskin, cotton and more. All of them are characterized by high quality sewing. The wide size grid (from XS to 7XL) will allow you to choose the model for any type of figure. You can see the full range at the Maine Coon salon in Kiev.

Tips for choosing a coat

If you want to replenish your wardrobe with a fashionable coat, you should not focus only on trends in outerwear. For the product to sit on the figure and not cause discomfort when worn, you need to pay attention to several criteria.

Choose a women's demi-season coat and the right winter size, but don't take it tight. Keep in mind that a sweater should still fit under the cold weather. An important nuance is the style. For slim girls, short and long fitted coats, straight, loose or non-standard cut may fit. Ladies with lush shapes are better at picking a trapezoidal coat and a belt.

Outerwear should be reliable to protect from the weather, so it is worth buying models with a knee length or below. So your feet will be warm and you are at the peak of fashion, as this season's trend is the length of copper and maxi.

Do not forget about practicality. Due to the cold weather, it is better to choose a coat of dark shades and muted tones every day. A good example is a long coat of alpaca in natural color.


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