Stylish and warm women's coats cheap - 2019-2020 model catalog

Women's fur coats are the most popular winter clothing. The natural fur used in the sewing of the product, well protects against cold and frost, and is also a stylish element in the winter wardrobe. This season at the peak of popularity fur coats such styles: straight cut, trapeze, fitted, poncho. The actual length is copper when the fur coat is between the knee and the ankle.

In fashion winter clothes in natural colors: brown, gray, black, etc. Also in trend are fur coats of eco-fur of bright shades, with appliqués and floral prints.

Catalog of women's coats in the Maine Coon store

The catalog of Maine Coon online store presents natural fur coats:

Chinchilla rabbit - soft fur gray-black color, has high wear resistance with proper care; Sheepskin - The fur coats of this material are very warm, and their appearance depends on the breed of sheep. So fur products can be smooth, wavy or curly;

A muton is a durable material that is obtained from sheep processing. To do this, cut a pile 10 mm long, it is treated with a special composition and painted;

Mink - flowing, silky fur that retains heat well and easily tolerates temperature changes, precipitation. Mink coats can be sewn from one piece of cloth or from pieces that reflect the cost of the product;

The wool - fur coat of such fur has good thermal conductivity, durability, has water repellent properties.

The catalog is constantly updated with new high quality models. Prices for fur coats depend on the material of manufacture, the complexity of sewing, the presence of decorative elements. We cooperate directly with manufacturers, so our customers have the opportunity to order a fur coat quite cheap.

Tips for choosing a fur coat for women

Before you buy a fur coat, you need to decide on the style. For a woman who spends most of her time in business meetings, a classic mink coat or muton natural shades will be appropriate.

If the fur coat is suitable for romantic meetings or important events, it is worth looking at the black and white chinchilla fur coats. They look presentable and elegant. To add a touch of extravagance to the image, you can choose a product of bright colors: pink, blue, green, etc.

Depending on the figure choose the length and style of fur coats. Young short models (mid-thigh) will fit girls with slender legs; The belt will help to focus on the waist. It is recommended to choose a thin belt from the appropriate fur coat.

When choosing fur products should take into account weather conditions. In heavy frost, it is better to wear a fur coat, fox or sable, in rain or snow - a model of fur otters, nutrias, beavers. If the humidity is low and the air temperature does not exceed the 20 degrees mark, a fur coat made of natural rabbit fur will be appropriate.

It is important to properly choose a headgear for a fur coat. When choosing a hat, it is better to prefer simple knitwear. The pompon hat is suitable for a short fur coat, the sock hat is considered a youth model, but the knitted beret fits all ages, it is combined with any style of fur coat. In the spirit of the 60-70's will look a combination of elegant fur coats and fancy hats with heels of felt felt.

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