Inexpensive women's stylish jackets - 2019-2020 model catalog

The basic items of the wardrobe are women's jackets, which are successfully combined with any clothing. The new season dictates to fashionistas their rules, but it is easy to be trendy if you know which models always remain relevant.

First of all, it's quilted jackets made of cloak fabric. Choosing a model of the original style, you can not be afraid that in a year it will go out of style. The practicality of such clothing, its stylish appearance each time provide it with a reliable position in the ranking of seasonal trends.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of winter jackets. Down jackets, parks and model transformers remain popular.

Among the new items are stylish kimonos, which have recently appeared on catwalks, but have already won the recognition of fashionistas.

The color scheme of the new season is represented by dark and pastel colors. Among the favorites were rich blue, deep burgundy, delicate shades of pink and green, blue and lilac.

Catalog of women's jackets in the Maine Coon store

You can buy women's jackets for every taste at the Maine Coon Online Store. Bold and extraordinary high quality models meet the fashion trends of today and are designed to emphasize the perfect taste of its owner.

Here you will find outerwear:

decorated with natural fur;

with different types of collar;

with and without the hood;

with fashionable short sleeves;

with asymmetric edges;

buttons and zippers.

Exclusive models of various sizes from leading foreign manufacturers are comfortable when worn and warm well in cold weather. Among the items presented in the catalog you will find:

A kimono jacket. Elegant short-sleeved cut-out product will appeal to anyone who appreciates exquisite femininity. Stylish demi-season kimono combines with casual wear and evening dress.

Elongated models. These women's jackets are comfortable and practical. High-quality filler is resistant to deformation, so the product will retain its shape and attractive appearance for a long time. In addition, a long quilted jacket can be combined with any outfit.

Down jacket. Fashionable models who love fashionable are durable and functional. They are ideal for daily use in the cold spring, late fall and winter. Down jackets, decorated with natural fur, will look stylish with any item of wardrobe.


Now, when you buy a branded jacket, you do not need to pay extra. Our prices are calculated on any budget.

Tips for choosing women's jackets

A few simple tips will help you choose a model that won't last long in the closet.

The first thing to look for is the surface of the product. Since outerwear is designed for the cold season, the material from which it is made, should be reliable to protect from wind and rain. Cloak fabric does a great job with this task. It does not let the wind and repel moisture, so you will always feel comfortable.

The second item is the filler. In a regular store you will not always be able to tell about its characteristics, but in the meantime, it depends on how warm and comfortable your upgrade will be. The catalog presents products with hollofiber and down. The first differs in strength and elasticity, holds heat well. It is not affected by mold. The feather filler is very light and gentle, effectively warming from the cold.

Once you have decided on the material, go to the style of the model. A short product or trendy kimono jacket goes to everyone, regardless of the type of figure. Such models are especially to the face of tall women. For short stature, lengthened options that emphasize the sophistication of their owners are ideal. In our salon you will find models of original cut, which will be the final touch of a stylish image.

Choosing the color of the jacket, you should take into account the fashion trends of the season and such nuances as the color of eyes and hair. This way you can create a harmonious image.

Following these tips, you will never go wrong in choosing quality clothing for all occasions.


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