Cheap stylish women's robes - 2019-2020 model catalog

The women's mantle, commonly known by people as "hooded coats," has come into the fashion world of a ghetto-gothic style that is characterized by sharp angles, deep hoods, rough fabrics and, of course, black. In fact, these are the main characteristics of such clothing as the mantle. Convenient, practical, flexible in terms of communication and conveying the mystery of the image, the nomadic mantle (as it is often called) has quickly gained a foothold in the fashion world, moving from the narrow world of a particular subculture to city streets and catwalks.

Today, the classic mantle for women has undergone a lot of changes and has come in many variations. Mantles come with pockets and without, elongated and shortened, with leather inserts and zippers, warmed and lightweight with 100% cotton and synthetics. Only the deep hood and the lack of clasp are unchanged.

If you have already decided to buy a women's mantle but are worried about having to buy other Gothic attributes - don't worry. You can wear a mantle with regular jeans and T-shirts, with wide or sweat pants, with a light top and under a jacket, even with dresses the mantle looks original and appropriate. In addition, mantles are not only black.

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