Stylish and warm women's parks cheap - 2019-2020 model catalog

The women's fleece jacket is a trendy solution for the 2019 season for active, courageous and confident women. Now it is not only the subject of winter wardrobe - today it is actual demi-season parks without a heater on a thin substrate and completely without it. In designer collections you can find these jackets sleeveless.

The main fashion trends of the park jacket Fantasy fashion designers have played a joke, so to choose the most suitable for yourself among the mass of styles, lengths, cut, prints, accessories and decor will be able to every fashionista, regardless of age, height and complexion. In addition, materials this season do not require much investment: you can safely choose cheap cloak fabric or practical lightweight denim. To feel comfortable in the cool autumn days and be trendy - be sure to supplement your outerwear collection with this stylish thing that will protect against the wind and will not restrict movement. At the peak of popularity:

length to mid thigh;


collar-rack - high, covering the chin;

straight cut hood or zipper along the center seam that can be transformed into a collar, width and depth draws are welcome;

pockets - choose overhead, inner and one of the sleeves;

with unbutton sleeves and lining - a versatile model for winter and fall;

waistline - designed to protect against the wind, but it adds a feminine silhouette.

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