Women's stylish sheepskin coat cheap - 2019-2020 model catalog

Women's Sheath Coat is a versatile and stylish outerwear that is great for the changing urban winter. It protects from the cold, withstands high humidity and serves for many years without losing its presentable appearance.

Modern women's sheepskin coats are elegant and fashionable products that allow you not only to warm up in winter frosts, but to create a sophisticated stylish look. Natural tanned leather is comfortable and multifunctional, so it remains relevant for many decades.

Catalog of women's coats in the Maine Coon store

In the Maine Coon showroom and in the catalog of women's sheepskin coats on the site you will find a large selection of outerwear of different style choices:

short - suitable for warm winter days as well as autumn and spring;

elongated - the most versatile and convenient option, because they fit all regardless of growth and complexity;

long - elegant models that are suitable for cold winters.

Depending on the features of the cut, you can choose different styles:

with a hood that additionally protects against cold, rain and strong wind;

with the belt - classic models are always in fashion and are able to emphasize the advantages of the figure;

with collar and trim from natural fur - look especially stylish and warm in frost.

The most popular and practical material sheepskin coat for women is sheepskin - products from it serve more than one season. Here you will find not only products made of different types of sheepskin, but also with the trimmings of valuable types of fur: mink, blackbird, doodle and fox. For fans of original solutions we offer sheepskin coats with kangaroo, wolf and chinchilla rabbit.

Tips for choosing a sheepskin coat for women

This outerwear can be worn with any style: it looks good with the classics, casual. The more formal the style, the tougher it must be. The youth models look great with jeans and classic ones can be paired with a tight skirt and trousers.

Before buying a sheepskin coat, you must decide on its style:

it's massive enough, so if you're used to moving around a lot, choose lightweight or shortened options;

for young girls will be suitable original styles and bright colors, as well as combined materials, mature women can choose medium length classics with fur trim or elegant decor;

slimmed-down silhouettes and wide belts go to women with a slim complexion;

trapezoidal and straight silhouettes visually draw the figure.

The choice should take into account the peculiarities of the material:

suede is nice to the touch, but has the ability to absorb dust, so it requires frequent cleaning and thorough care;

coated skin has little salinity, tolerates high moisture content and does not lose its properties, even if it gets wet. However, coating does not make it completely invulnerable, and wearing it in torrential rain is extremely undesirable;

Laser coating is a nice exception to all kinds of tanning leather treatment, as it does not scratch, does not require special care, is very durable and is absolutely not afraid of moisture.

Sheepskin coat

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